An Image Consultant and member of AICI, Ivana studied fashion in Nice and Milan where she acquired the training that allowed her to make a long-time dream come true: to help women and men show their true personality at its best in all circumstances.

“What drew me to this profession was not so much how people look but the human aspect. Every day I learn more about myself and others. My mission is to help people feel good by emphasising their qualities and allowing them to present the best possible image of themselves. I love it and it feels very worthwhile.”

Part of an Image Consultant’s role is to study your personality and morphology, identify the best tastes, colours and fabrics to choose, and help you constitute the right wardrobe with matching accessories. However, this can also extend to help with deciding on a new hairstyle, mastering essential make-up tips, adjusting the pitch of your voice or improving your self-expression, language, posture etc.

Ivana in a nutshell...

Personal image consultant
Corporate image consultantFashion stylist
Member of AICI
Graduate of the Nice Fashion School and the Milan School of Fashion & Luxury
International experience
Fluent in Italian, English, French and German