Why hire an image consultant ?

Be it an important rendezvous, a date, a professional meeting or job interview, a special event, a wedding, a business trip, a new baby, a major change in your life… or simply because you want to feel great or recover your self-confidence...

These are all ideal occasions to hire an Image Consultant.

I will guide and support you personally, for one session or on a longer term basis, as you wish.

  • Experience shopping as never before, as we target your tastes, style and especially budget.
  • Save time and money
  • Discover the best addresses on the French and Italian Riviera
  • Offer this service as an ideal, useful and original gift.
  • Unveil the very best of yourself and turn your image into an asset, so that you can finally say « HERE I AM ! » 

What is image consulting ?

Image consulting involves listening and advising in a way that takes account of your lifestyle, habits and objectives so as to harmonise your appearance with your personality.